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BESO is a collection of therapeutic hemp products that support whole self wellness..

BESO Therapeutic Hemp Whip

BESO Therapeutic Hemp Whip

BESO Therapeutic Hemp Whip

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Combined and designed to moisturize, soothe, and heal your skin from head to toe. 
Hemp infused BESO Whip blends an array of all-natural plant-based ingredients chosen for their proven therapeutic properties.

A hemp-seed oil activated massage topical Therapeutic Whip designed for deeply penetrating soft tissue therapy.

Premium HEMP Products. Total Skin Support.


Our products are extracted from mature Hemp Plants, utilizing the whole plant for maximum benefits.


We provide healthy, naturally occurring Whole Food based products to support and promote healthy skin.


Products penetrate and nourish all three layers of the skin to help restore the natural oils our bodies need.

We believe in the power of BESO.

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